cropped-mikephoto.jpgI was born in Alabama, and raised there, in Florida and North Carolina.

My first pet was a dachshund named Max.

I met my wife on a plane flight from Dallas to Charlotte.

I could dunk in high school and college. Now, not so much.

I’ve been shooting a music documentary for the past eight years.

Favorite film: Chinatown. Favorite band: R.E.M. Favorite book: To Kill A Mockingbird.

I walk four miles every day. Sometimes eight.

I got in The One Show and was a Clio finalist for the same print ad.

I read one magazine religiously: The New Yorker.

My favorite cake is yellow cake with caramel icing.

I drink way too much Diet Coke.

I once guarded Michael Jordan two straight games at Woollen Gym at UNC. He owned me.

I teach copywriting at UNC-Chapel Hill. It’s what I want to do for my second career.

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