I love living in Comboland

CombolandWhen I was in college at UNC, I went out to see so many bands during my four years I can’t even tell you everyone I saw. Not even close. But there was music up and down Franklin Street nearly every night of the week if you wanted to listen. I graduated in ’86, left the state to build a career and was gone until we moved back in 2003. In 2005, I started shooting a documentary film on the 1980-1990 decade of rock and power pop in the area and am still in the process of shooting and trying to raise money to edit and finish it. (Watch out for Kickstarter round two this year!) So far I have over 110 hours of footage and have loved every minute of getting to know the bands and musicians I worshipped in my younger years and have grown to admire and respect so much through the process of interviewing them and filming live shows. I’m thankful every day to live in a state with so much musical abundance and good will. My friend Jefferson Hart has been such a wonderful resource to me throughout this ongoing project – connecting me with many of the artists and introducing me to lots of memorabilia. I’ve never played an instrument and I’m a terrible singer, even in the shower, but I’ve always loved music. And every time I’m around Jeff or any of the NC rock folks, I’ve constantly amazed at how much everyone really cares for each other and tries to help each other out. Playing shows together, doing benefits, whatever, it really is a true community of friends. I’m sure there’s a little tad of competition from time to time, but you’d never know it. This weekend at The Pour House, yet another great event is happening that I plan on attending. Get out and enjoy the musical treasures all around us!