I’ve never made a documentary before. Never even occured to me that I could. But sometimes things just happen when you don’t concentrate on all the reasons why you can’t do something and just put your head down and do it. Back in 2004, I was sitting outside at He’s Not Here in Chapel Hill with my UNC friends Elizabeth Malcolm and Felix Dover, and we were talking about the decade of the 80’s and all the fantastic music that came out of Chapel Hill, Raleigh, Greensboro, Winston-Salem and Charlotte during those 10 years. It was the same rich musical period that brought us R.E.M. out of Athens and the Replacements out of Minneapolis.

So, after a blue cup or two of Blue Moon, we decided to make a movie about it. And unlike most things you decide to do after a couple of beers in a bar, we actually went out and did it. Eight years and 120+ hours of footage later, we’ve got the makings of a very nice documentary.

Now, we just have to raise the money to edit it. So yesterday, we launched our Kickstarter campaign. You can see the promo video and me begging for money right here: http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/herbcampbell/bring-it-on-home-documentary…

As the years went by and I got closer and closer to this music and the people who made it, I fell more deeply in love with it. These songs and these musicians didn’t just provide the soundtrack to my college years, they continue to influence me to this day. But there’s a generation out there who doesn’t know many of these wonderfully talented musicians. And they need to know. The story needs to be told.

So, with your help, we’re going to tell it. Please give the Kickstarter site a look and support us. And please pass along the word through every social media outlet you can. We have 60 days to raise the money. If we don’t reach our goal, nobody gets charged. But let’s not let that happen, okay?

I started this whole ball of wax as a way to say thank you to these talented men and women who are still making great music today. That’s it. It was never for any financial gain or fame or whatever. It was just for the love of the music. And it still is.

Thanks for reading and watching and sharing! And if you give, thanks for your support!